We really did find delicious Vegetarian food in Japan, including great Kaiseki and Shojin Ryori restaurants. Just as special were little macrobiotic vegetarian places with loyal customers and a strong following.
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Ken Goldberg and
Kathryn Kefauver Goldberg
Berkeley, California, USA
"Watashitachi wa bejitarian desu." (We are vegetarians.)

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04. CTS New Chitose Airport (CTS): Veg Grazing—Ken

One thing I love about Japanese airports is the shopping, especially the food shopping. If someone you love or work with is expecting you to bring home some of the local bounty, the airport is there to serve you. In case you missed the chocolate potato chips in Otaru, don't fret, pick some up at the airport.

Shopping around to find something yummy to bring on our flight from Sapporo's New Chitose Airport (CTS) to Kansai Airport in Osaka (KIX), we had some time to look around. And there we stumbled on a New York style bagel place.

Bagel and Bagel

And what could say "New York" better than a Soybean Milk & Mocha Bagel? Nothing!

Soybean Milk & Mocha Bagel

They were giving out samples, and despite the fact that it made my ancestral head spin when I tried it, it was delicious. So we had to buy some. Just to hedge our bets, we bought some sesame bagels too.

Plane food

We were saving the bagels for the plane, so I bought myself an umeboshi (梅干) (rice ball filled with salty-sour Japanese-plum paste, wrapped in seaweed) for the half-hour we spend in the terminal.

Umeboshi  Ummmeboshi

Oh, and did I mention that we shared the plane with a few hundred Japanese high-school students on their way to Kyoto?

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